Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Writing Blog

 “The Theory of Nothing” has now had a change to its title and is now “The Quantum God” to reflect the main character’s newer ideas about the universe. I haven’t started writing it yet but am starting to jot down ideas and write some pieces that I may use of adapt later.

“Being an Astronomer” has stalled, partly because I need to take more photos and I have been distracted by my end-of-year activities and my brain has been buzzing with “The Quantum God”.

 It is not unusual for writers to have more than one project on the go but we must be sure that any ideas, that are worth pursuing, make their way into “print”.

March 9th

I'm on my 2nd check of "Being an Astronomer" and continuing to write for Best Binocular Review:

February 25th

I took the last photo and spell checked the whole "Being an Astronomer" book. Just need to keep refining it. I also finished my 4th article for Best Binocular Review.

February 22nd

I had writer's block on my 4th Best Binocular Review article so took nearly all of the photographs I needed for "Being an Astronomer".

February 13th

Second article on Best Binocular Review published:

February 4th

I have done a bit more on "Being an Astronomer" but am writing for a magazine as well:

January 25th

I finally can report some progress on “Being an Astronomer”. I have now completed the second pass of the Deep Sky chapter.


  1. I am going to self-publish "Being an Astronomer" for the following reasons:

    1. My day job is irregular hours and I can work anything from zero to nearly 80 hours a week. This would drive a publisher who wanted me to complete a revision on a tight time-scale nuts. I just cannot be driven by a publisher's schedule.

    2. Related to the above, I am an active astronomer and don't like to spend time writing when there is a clear sky outside

    3. The market is flooded with astronomy beginner books and publishers are reluctant to take on another one, even if from a traditionally-published writer. I believe in the project and am well-known enough in astronomy circles that it should sell. Even if it doesn't I know it will be a good enough book that it won't harm my reputation

    4. I honestly believe that this approaches amateur astronomy in a way that no other books do. I would simply not bother writing it otherwise

    5. It's my project and I want to do it my way. I'm very grateful to Springer-Verlag for publishing my previous books but they just don't do beginner books. This one's for me!

  2. You know... for your studies: